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in Asia and China.

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BAC ASIA provides total support from market research in new development and renewal of commercial facilities, MD planning, design optimization proposal, tenant leasing, operation management consulting, mainly in Asia and China.

Market research

By analyzing the location environment of the property, the population of the commercial area, the market characteristics, the competing environment, the peripheral development plan, etc., we will grasp the figure of the commercial area of ​​the property.

Questionnaire survey

By classifying and analyzing respondents from visitor surveys and Internet surveys, we can understand the strengths and weaknesses of our facilities by classifying and analyzing respondents from differences in shopping behavior and differences in the use of competing facilities.

Concept planning

We will grasp and analyze customer’s image and characteristics of development area, proposing and supervising development concept, commercial area / target strategy.

MD planning

Through a commercial area survey, we will strategically formulate the image, direction and brand of the commercial facility as a whole and strategically allocate various business types / tenant mixes to enhance the overall value of the entire facility.

tenant leasing

Considering the tenant mix of the entire facility, we will offer appropriate tenant attraction / selection based on consulting and support until opening a store.

Optimal Design

Based on user / tenant’s perspective, we will advise and make proposals for flow lines, store arrangement, architectural design aspects, etc.

Operation management plan

We will anticipate and predict the various cases that will occur after the start-up and advance the management plan. Also, in order to improve operating net income, we will provide optimal operation management method according to facility size and client needs.

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corporate performance

1000 TREES projects

Shanghai’s new landmark. Combined development of commercial, office, hotel, park.
Total floor area:300,000㎡
Business area:110,000㎡
Site area:92,000㎡
Business owner:天安中国投資有限公司

OutLet Mall in Lihpaoland

Outlet Mall opened iin Lihpaoland
Total floor area:71,000㎡
Store area:23,000㎡
Business owner:麗寶集団
MD Planning・Optimal Design・Tenant Leasing・Operation management consultation

Shanghai Hongqiao 麗寶広場

Total floor area:233,000㎡
Business area:30,000㎡
Site area:45,000㎡
Business owner:麗寶(上海)房地産開発有限公司
MD Planning・Optimal Design

Shanghai World Financial Center

One of Shanghai’s leading landmarks.
Height:492.3m(SRC・S Building 101 Floor, Underground 3 Floor)
Total floor area:381,600㎡
Business owner:上海環球金融中心有限公司
MD Planning・Optimal Design

寧波市泛迪中心 projects

Total floor area:85,000㎡
Business area:51,000㎡
Site area:22,000㎡
Business owner:浙江凱茂房地産有限公司
MD Planning・Optimal Design

長春栖樂薈Shopping Centre

Total floor area:360,000㎡
Business area:120,000㎡
Business owner:吉林东坤房地产开发有限公司
MD Planning・Optimal Design


Commercial plan for transport hub combined with subway / bus center
Total floor area:165,000㎡
Business area:75,000㎡
Site area:33,000㎡
Business owner:ALLIED GROUP
MD Planning

Underground space development in Chengdu Park

Unique commercial plan with park underground as a commercial facility
Total floor area:174,000㎡
Business area:103,400㎡
Site area:68,000㎡
Business owner:上海优房科技股份有限公司
MD Planning・Optimal Design


“Terrace Mall Shonan” is the region’s largest shopping mall where 281 stores gather, including restaurants, apparel shops, cinema complex, on the site area of 3.6 Tokyo Dome.
Business area: about 63,000㎡Developer: Sumitomo Corporation

Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills consists of high-rise office buildings with a height of 238 m, cultural facilities such as apartment houses, hotels, cinemas, museums, and other commercial facilities.
Total floor area:759,100㎡
Business area:43,000㎡

Tokyo Midtown

Tokyo Midtown is the complex city with a new style consisting of vast greenery and six buildings.
Total floor area:563,800㎡
Business area:71,000㎡
Commercial stores:132
Developer:Mitsui Fudosan


It is the large commercial facility directly connected from Kawasaki station, and has held a live event about 200 times a year at the square about 60m in diameter.
Total floor area:172,000㎡
Business area:79,000㎡
Developer:Mitsui Fudosan

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